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The Best Dance Academy in Vaughan

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Rhythm & Grace Dance Academy is a competitive and recreational dance studio located in the heart of Vaughan. We offer jazz, ballet, tap, hip- hop, acro, and other dance styles.

Dancing helps children of all ages in so many ways. Dance classes can help your children develop work and learning skills that will help them in the future. You can expect to see improvements in their physical health as well.

Benefits for children of the Dance:

Physical Health Improvement - dancing is a great form of exercise, and dance classes can increase your child’s flexibility, stamina, and physical strength. As well as promoting overall health, enhanced development in these areas can help kids with sports and other activities at school and beyond.

In other words, regular dance practice can increase your child's:

  • Flexibility

  • Stamina

  • Physical strength & health

Dance classes can also improve: muscle tone, correct poor posture, increase balance and coordination, improve overall cardiovascular health and etc.

Social skills - It’s no secret that dance classes can help children to improve their social skills and enable them to communicate better with others. In dance class, children learn how to communicate, work as a team, and develop a sense of trust. Children in each class interact with other dancers and it helps them to make new friends, maybe even for life.

Educational Benefits - becoming a skilled dancer requires practice, discipline, and focus, which are all skills that can be applied to other areas in life, for example at work. And children who regularly participate in dance lessons typically tend to perform better academically.

Improved Self-Esteem - dancing children learn about expressing themselves, and they begin to get a better sense of their own bodies. This expression provides an emotional release and by giving children the freedom to channel their emotions and energies in a safe environment, their self-esteem and confidence will increase significantly. Let your child experience the joy of dancing, and you will see it with your own eyes.

Creativity & Imagination - in dance classes, children learn how to build trust, express themselves, how to be more creative, and use their imagination. All of these skills will help them in the future, at school, at work, or even in a relationship.

Self-discipline - attending dance classes allows children to learn self-discipline and time management. As they get older, they must learn how to balance school, dance, other activities, and social life. The dedication, discipline, and focus children learn and practice in dance classes are important life skills that will transfer over to the school, university, work, and other aspects of their lives, that's for certain.

We can’t express just how much dancing helps children of all ages in so many different areas of their lives. And with the summer now you as a parent may want to start looking for ways to keep your child active, it is even more reason to consider dance. Both physically and psychologically, the benefits of dance in early childhood are worth the commitment!

Contact us 647-867-6121, we will be happy to answer all questions you may have regarding dance classes.

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