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How to choose the right Dance Studio

Here is the top 5 questions you should ask before choosing:

1. Do you Participate in Dance Competitions or not?

Some dance studios think that dance technique can suffer because of the competitions, and some dance studios think that those competitions offer dancers many opportunities to perform.

For starters, competitions help to demonstrate that you can learn and grow from your failures. Kids must learn how to not only win but how to lose as well. After each competition, the studio receives a disc with the comments of the judges.

Comments help to work on the mistakes, and the children will understand why they lowered the score. At the competitions, kids support and help each other. They think not only about themselves but about what is best for the team.

2. What is the Quality of Dance Education?

Dance education requires the skill of highly qualified and motivated dance teachers to teach and get the most out of a student by way of a well developed, age-appropriate curriculum.

At R&GDA, studio children receive the best training by the professional teachers. We are dedicated to helping each child develop into the best dancer they can, and we give equal attention to all of our students. Each student has the chance to maximize their potential and achieve results.

3. What Dance Flooring Option You Have?

Dance is a highly physical activity that requires jumping and elevation, which can put stress on bones and joints. One of the best ways to prevent injury is by choosing a studio with a professional floor. We have a new room, with a floor that protects dancers, and spacious dance classes.

4. Safety?

The health and safety of all of our dancers are our top priority. Our teachers are professionally trained, and they pay attention to every detail. We understand that the safety of the students lay in the hands of our staff, and we take this privilege very seriously. We ensure you that the quality and safety standards are on the high-level.

5. Can I Get Immediate Assistance?

Find out what sort of customer service is available to you.

At R&GDA, we make contacting us easy. There are multiple ways to reach us. You can reach us by telephone, use text messages, email, or even Facebook.

We are not just another dance studio - we are a family! Our family values ​​are friendship, support, respect, mutual understanding. And we have children from the same family, almost a team of sisters and brothers. We made a schedule so that the children would study on the same day, but in different groups, we try to make our parents comfortable.

We invite all children who want to learn how to dance in our studio, come visit us at Rhythm and Grace Dance Academy dance studio. We have groups with a small number of children from 5 to 8. And for children from one family, we give up to 50% discount. Call if you have any questions 647-867-6121.

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