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Different Types of Dance

People often don't realize just how many styles of dance there are. Not to mention the many methods to teach each dance form. Your little one wants to learn to dance, or your bigger one wants to try some different types of classes, and you have no idea what you are exactly looking for?

Before you choose a dance style, you must understand the difference between lyrical and contemporary dance or hip hop dance and ballet?

Rhythm and Grace Dance Academy team has you covered with simple explanations of every dance style your child might want to try to learn.

Here's a list of the top ten dance styles that we offering at our dance studio:

1. Jazz

The jazz dance style is all about improvisation, high energy, skill, and explosive movements. And Jazz is still one of the most creative and experimental forms of dance and the most popular as well. You may consider this type of dance for your child because it consists of fancy footwork, big leaps, and quick turns.

2. Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance style is exciting, fun, and requires a special ability to improvise to the music. This type of dance combines several different styles of dance. It includes old and new dance moves and styles like break dancing, popping, and traditional jazz moves.

Hip Hop music will help your child to boost his creativity, imagination, and helps to increase focus. And Hip Hop dance classes help kids express their feelings and emotions through dance.

3. Russian Ballet

Ballet dance style requires tremendous focus and dedication to master. Ballet is the most respected dance style. Do you want your child to have physical activity? Ballet engages the entire body from head to toe, this a great physical exercise that works for different muscle groups. Ballet is a physical activity that your child may need.

4. Tap Dance

A Tap dance style is an inclusive form of dance that welcomes those who are willing to try. If your child has the desire to master complex rhythms within a structure that allows for self-expression and pure joy, they will enjoy tap dance.

5. Acro

Acro dance style is very popular in competitions. This form of dance requires that dancers learn both dance and acrobatic skills. Key features of Acro are graceful transitions between dance movements. If you want your child to build up their strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination, you must choose an Acro dance style.

6. Contemporary

Contemporary dance style includes elements of non-western dance cultures, for example, from Africa dance style or Japanese. And combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. The key feature is in unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed, and direction.

How to choose the right one for your child?

Kids are often inspired to dance by watching music videos. You can visit our studio to choose the most suitable dance style for your child. Call us today to book a visit or get more information 647- 867- 6121.

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