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Rhythm and Grace Dance Academy will help your kids dance like nobody's watching and have a blast learning some new moves. We offer classes in Jazz, Tap, Russian Ballet, Hip-hop, Pointe, Acro, Lyrical, Contemporary and Technique & Stretch. Our class levels are based on age as well as ability.

What age is best to start dance classes?

Most children can start learning techniques by age three or 5. It’s the youngest age for starting dance lessons. But in those ages, your child should be able to pay attention, follow directions, and handle mild criticism. We recommend to begin with ballet classes as the fundamentals learned in ballet translate to all forms of dance.

Dance classes at Rhythm and Grace Dance Academy

The children are introduced to dance steps through creative play. While learning basic dance steps, they also learn how the structure of a class works - following a leader, listening to the teacher, and they learn basic social skills as well.

We make dance education affordable for all families. Every child should have access to dance lessons to expand their abilities. We believe that dance is so much more than just dance; it's about building character, and enhancing lives. All classes are taught by expert accredited dance teachers, and limited class sizes allow for individual attention and guidance.

Why dance lessons?

There are so many reasons for signing your child up for dance lessons. They can teach your child stage presence and poise, as well as give him or her a creative outlet. Dance lessons also help with self-esteem and help improve social skills as well as physical health. However, before you sign your child up for dance lessons, you may want to visit the dance studio first.

And remember, when deciding whether or not to purchase dance lessons for your child, keep in mind that if your child is patient, willing to listen and follow instructors, then he or she should do fine in dance lessons.

You may also decide to wait until your child expresses an interest in dance.

Or come and visit our dance studio for kids in Vaughan for introductory dance classes that are divided by age and skill level.

At Rhythm and Grace Dance Academy, you can take this class to see how your child will do. Our teachers are as supportive as the kids to each other. We like a big family here. If you have any questions, please contact us at 647- 867- 6121.

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