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Dance Classes in Vaughan

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Rhythm & Grace Dance Academy offers a variety of dance styles that help kids to express themselves. Our dance studio is competitive, and recreational located in the heart of Vaughan, Ontario. At R&GDA, you can find different styles such as jazz, ballet, tap, hip- hop, and acro, modern, contemporary, lyrical, pointe.

At Rhythm & Grace Dance Academy, we focus on individual progress, celebrating each child's personal growth. Our classrooms benefit students by building strong connections amongst themselves, as well as their trained professional teachers.

We believe storytelling is the most important aspect of dance, which we portray through discipline, hard work, and technique. We want each child to believe in themselves and flourish inside the studio, as well as out.

Why Sport is Important for kids?

Dancing can improve a child's physical health, strength, and stamina. But it’s not all physical, when it comes to kids, engaging in a sport can help create healthy habits that will last long into adulthood.

The physical benefits of sport

Physical activity has many benefits for the body that includes bone health, improved sleep, better coordination, balance, and include increased cardiovascular fitness.

And the more kids spending time through physical activity, the less they spend time watching TV or playing computer games.

Learning important life skills

Dancing means being part of a team, and it will help kids to build and improve their social skills. Dancing encourages cooperation and sharing, goal setting, and building relationships.

Also, learning how to lose to another dance team is an important skill that they will need throughout life. And, of course, they will learn how to communicate better and make new friends.

Teacher as a role model

Often teachers play a role model to the kids. Dance teachers are often people who can show dancers how to conduct themselves and show respect to others.

They can also encourage their students to do their best in both dance and life in general.

Dance teachers can help kids learn how to work effectively as a team and learn how to express themselves in words and movements. R&GDA dance studio contributing to the community by providing strong, positive role models for children to emulate and follow.

Find your team and dance style

Trying out different styles can help your child to find one that will suit him. At Rhythm & Grace Dance Academy, we will make sure your child has plenty of opportunities to try different dance styles out before settling on one.

As you already know, dance classes have many benefits for kids. It improves physical fitness, teaches important life skills, and increases the chances they will become active adults.

We can’t express just how much dancing helps children of all ages in different aspects of their lives. Let your child experience the joy of dancing. If you are looking for a sport that will keep your child physically active and healthy, then our dance classes are the answer.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer your questions you may have regarding dance classes. Contact us today 647- 867- 6121.

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