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Which dance style is right for your child?

Looking into signing your child up for dance classes in Toronto? One of the things you must consider is how to choose the right dance style for your child. Each dance studio has a variety of choices from jazz, tap, Russian ballet, hip hop, and more. How do you know which one will suit you, child? And what’s the best dance style for beginners?

Choosing the right style of dance classes for your kid is crucial, so we’ve put together a checklist of a few things to think about that will help you to make a better decision.

What’s the main goal of the dance classes?

When you choose the right dance style for your child, you should consider the child's goals. Will dance be just an activity, or do you foresee him taking it up competitively in the future?

You want your child to do exercises to burn calories, or do you want to improve physical health, develop muscle memory and posture? Knowing these things will help you make an informed decision that’ll give you the results you desire.

What’s the interest your child has?

The most important thing is that the genre of dance you select should interest your child. If your child will have a personal interest in the type of dance he chose, he will be more enthusiastic and participate more willingly in dance classes.

Dance classes will keep your child’s attention if he is interested in them. First, you can show some video clips of styles you think your child may be interested in and gauge their reaction to make the best choice.

Price of the Dance Classes

You must know that with dance classes will come extra costs, for example, for costumes or uniforms that are required for certain types of dance.

Usually, many children’s dance classes simply require comfortable clothing, but you’ll find that some have a few more requirements like leotards, shoes, etc.

It’s better to know about these things and make sure it fits into your budget before committing to anything. You can ask the dance studio about extra costs that make appear before you are committing to something.

What are the Benefits from Dance Lessons?

You should know that different styles of dance will offer different benefits to each child—it’ll impact how much exercise they get during the lesson, and for some, it could affect their level of self-confidence.

To help you choose which style of dance is best for your child, think about what they need from dance lessons, and you can read more about benefits here:

Choosing Dance style

Before you choose, you can read about the most popular dance styles that we offer at our Rhythm & Grace Dance Academy.

Rhythm & Grace Dance Academy offers different dance styles like Acro, Russian Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Technique & Stretch. We have different programs for part-time or for full=time dance classes. To get more information, please call us 647- 867- 6121.

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